Autres cours

Our experienced teachers provide tuition on a variety of different instruments and music related fields. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

Courses are taught by highly qualified teachers in professional studio classrooms.

We cater to beginners and all the way to the the advanced student.

We customize programs based on our students’ age, specific goals and music genres, ranging from rock to R&B to jazz and classical.

We successfully match our students with the right teacher.
By choosing the right teacher for each student, we ensure a successful student/teacher relationship hence maximizing our students’ progress and overall enjoyment for their music lessons and ongoing learning.

For our students who wish to do more outside of the school, we offer concerts (some of the largest amateur concerts in Canada). By doing these concerts our students excel in performance and stage presence.

For our students who wish to do exams, we offer internationally recognized programs such as RCM. These credits are recognized in many countries around the world.

Should students wish to play in a band, such as a rock band, we offer that opportunity for them as well. Our bands are taught by our teacher who has experience in the field. Bands are major fun to play in and set the stage for a real rock band experience.

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