How To Play the Violin

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Learning to play a violin is not something that most people can do without proper education and therefore violin lessons are necessary if you or a loved one are considering doing so.

A violin is a beautiful stringed instrument with a deep rich sound that is completely unique and unmistakeable. In fact, there is nothing quite like the sound of a violin, and playing one requires an extraordinary amount of skill, knowledge and discipline both on the part of the instructor and the student.

Violin Lessons From Professionals in Studio

Music created with a violin is simply breathtaking, however, playing one out of key can be excruciating painful to listen to and it is for this reason that many people choose to practice in our studio rather than in their homes. Don’t worry, our instructors are used to this and have been trained to listen properly for the right notes so we hear only the beautiful parts.

Learn Everything About the Violin

Not only does a violinist have to learn how to play the music properly, he or she must learn how to read music, create notes, pluck the strings and correctly place the violin under the chin in relation to his or her body in order to form notes.

One of the main reasons that a violin is so much more difficult to play than any other stringed orchestral instrument is because it has no frets, or “finger guides.” As a result, the violinist must learn how to precisely master each and every string and note without the assistance of any kind.

We teach beginners as young as four years old how to play by placing pieces of colored tape on the instrument to indicate where the notes are located until the student is able to find the notes on their own. Our instructors are known for their expertise in developing a variety of different methods for teaching students how to master the violin.

  • Did you know that a violin player uses the left hand to pluck the strings rather than the right?
  • Do you ever wonder what they use the bow for?

The left hand creates the pitch, the right hand or bow hand is responsible for the rhythm, tone, articulation and dynamics of the music based on how hard or soft this is done. These are just some of the interesting things that you or your loved one will discover about the fascinating world of violin playing when taking lessons in our spacious west island conservatory of music.

If you can Learn the Violin, you Can Learn Anything

Mastering the violin takes a great deal of time and patience, however for the right individual there is nothing more relaxing and rewarding than learning how to create beautiful music on a hand crafted work of art.

Violin playing can be a rewarding hobby or an even more rewarding musical career, it just takes time, patience and a whole lot of practice but there is nothing more fun than developing your own unique ways to pluck the strings or use bowing techniques to create and experiment with different styles of music such as classical, jazz, folk and yes, even rock and roll, along the way.

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