Words from Awesome Students

“I Have been a customer of the West Island Conservatory of Music for many, many years. The eldest of my children began classes 15 years ago. WICM has been an important part of the development of my children’s skills and talents. The Quality of the music teachers continues to be top notch. The learning environment and tools are very professional.

The concerts are an excellent addition to the program and truly help the students to build their confidence and become comfortable performing to a large audience. My family would not take lessons anywhere else.”

  • Donna Burgess

When I was 19, I was lucky enough to take violin lessons at the West Island Conservatory of Music. I enjoyed my time there so much that I decided to add voice lessons to the mix! The Conservatory is a warm and encouraging environment in which to learn. The teachers are knowledgeable and gifted, and their support was invaluable to a young artist (as was their patience, as I was not a “natural”!)

I have since gone on to have a career as an actor and writer in film and television. I am very grateful for my time at the Conservatory. Not only did it help build my confidence for a career in the arts, it also provided discipline and an opportunity to meet like minded people who nurtured my creative dreams.

I highly recommend this place!

  • Amanda Walsh

“My name is Alaric Antos, and I have been attending vocal and piano classes at the West Island Conservatory for little over 10 years. In these delicate years of my life, I have had the pleasure of learning from many seasoned professionals at the conservatory that have helped me gain the confidence, stage presence as well as helping me to fully realize my maximum potential through various forms and techniques. They are all very dynamic and passionate about what they do, and really allow their students to share this enthusiasm for music, be it for voice, string, percussion, wind and beyond.

I now currently study Music professionally at Vanier College as a second year student and I’m loving every second of it.”

  • Alaric Antos

Declan McGuinness started bass guitar lessons at the age of 9 with our teacher Max Pollack and has played with Conservatory bands at the Christmas and Summer concerts ever since. He gained a love of music playing with other members of his family who have also studied at the conservatory. He decided to pursue his interests in music and enrolled in the music program in Jean XXIII secondary school.

At the age of 13, in 2013 he was selected with 50 young musicians from Montreal to take part in the Montreal Jazz Festival’s Blues Camp. During an intensive week they learned a song and composed another one, both of which were played on the TD Stage in front of thousands of people on the last day of the festival. He was also interviewed about the camp on Daybreak Montreal.

Declan likes heavy metal, rock and the blues. We expect to see a lot of Declan on stage in the coming years.

“The West Island Conservatory of Music has a great range of teachers which makes it easy to find a teacher that best fits with the student’s personality and ability. As such it has always been the McGuinness family first choice for music lessons.”

  • John McGuinnes

Mr. Pierre Lauzon is very satisfied with his new Gretsch guitar purchased at West Island Conservatory of Music.


Another satisfied Gretsch customer!

Robert Harrison is all smiles at West Island Conservatory of Music today.

Robert just purchased a Gretsch G5420T in metallic blue and is extremely impressed with the sound and craftsmanship of this amazing hollow body guitar.

I started taking guitar lessons a few years ago at the West Island Conservatory of Music hoping to improve my playing and increase my knowledge of musical theory. The lessons helped a lot and I improved more than I could have imagined. The teacher was great and the staff was friendly. I enjoyed my time there.

I learned a lot taking lessons there and I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t.

  • Robert Groeneveld

“Both my son and daughter took lessons for several years at the West Island conservatory of music and they had a great time. The teachers made such a connection with the kids that they still have a joy of making music for their own pleasure and that of their friends.

The skills taught at the conservatory have stayed with them over the years and I highly recommend WICM to any parent or person Looking to get a proper introduction to playing music. Now it’s my turn and I am currently taking piano lessons at the Conservatory.”

  • Damien Holtz


As a student at the west island conservatory of music I have learned many valuable skills that have impacted my success as a singer. The teachers at the conservatory are highly qualified and make learning fun no matter what your goals are. West island conservatory of music is one of the top music schools in Canada and has successfully made thousands of students’ music goals come true over the past several decades so I kinda think they know what they’re doing.

I’ve been a student at the conservatory for a few years now.

The skills and confidence I’ve developed at the conservatory have enabled me to participate in various singing competitions. Last year I had the opportunity to be a part of YTV’s The Next Star as a top 12 finalist throughout Canada. I’ve also been a part of Montreal’s singing show Gala Revelation. I am currently working on writing my own original songs with guidance from the Conservatory.

So no matter what your goals are in music, west island conservatory of music is the choice in making them a reality.

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