Piano Lessons

Piano instruction from beginner to advanced. All ages accepted

Piano techniques from beginner to advance on a wide variety of keyboards
We can safely say that the piano is the base of all other instruments, making it a great choice for someone who has never played an instrument before.

Piano lessons are ideal for young ages as they are user friendly, have minimal physical restrictions and teach the fundamentals of music in an easy to learn fashion.

Because of its vast range of notes and keys, one can really play all genres of music on the piano. Click here to learn about the benefits of piano lessons.

When beginning piano lessons if one has no piano at home a keyboard will suffice and is available for rental or purchase at the Conservatory.

So whether you are three or ninety three years of age, piano lessons are a fantastic choice.

There is a little Mozart in all of us, so why not make piano lessons a first choice when taking on your first instrument. See some of the benefits of piano lessons.

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