Guitar Lessons

Our experienced teachers provide tuition on both Electric and Acoustic instruments from beginners through to advanced techniques.

Guitar lessons are a very popular choice for students of all ages.

The guitar is an instrument you can carry and play anywhere (no transport truck required).

Guitar lessons are upbeat, fun and energizing. Lessons can be taught on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar or base guitar. The choice is up to the student and usually depends on what type of music the student prefers.

At the Conservatory, we customize programs for guitar lessons depending on what our students’ goals are.

Guitar lessons consist of technique, hand positioning, timing and optional theory depending on the students’ ambition.

Students often enroll in guitar lessons because they make for a new, really cool hobby and of course there are those whose ambitions are to become the next super rock star.

So whether it is just to learn some of your favourite songs or to become the next Jimmy Hendrix or Edward Van Halen, guitar lessons are the way to go.

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