Cello Lessons

Cello instruction from beginner to advanced. All ages accepted

The instrument that is said to most closely mimic the human voice is the Cello or Violoncello which is its proper name. Popular in European classical music, the Cello is a bowed stringed instrument that has four strings tuned in perfect fifths. In other words, just like the human voice it can harmonize well with other instruments. Because of its unique sound and versatility it can also be used as a solo musical instrument and this is the main reason for its popularity. It is the second largest bowed instrument next to the bass but has a more soft and melodic sound similar to the violin. A bass has a more rough sound to it. A person who plays the cello is known as a cellist and is often called upon to be a member of a stringed section in symphony orchestras.

The violin belongs in the string family of instruments. It’s a favorite in orchestras, sound tracks for movies (particularly emotional drama scenes), and noble events and gatherings. When the Violin is played well it sends shivers of musical harmony to all.

Learning to play the Cello
Learning to play the Cello, like so many other instruments, takes time, practice and patience, You will learn how to produce notes, chords and scales using the bow, develop more effective techniques and learn the correct placement of your fingers on the cello. Scales are a series of notes and chords that form a particular set or sequence of musical sounds. They are often used as a way to reproduce similar sounds without having to do each one note for note. Instruction will consist of learning how to read music, how to form proper notes and chords, as well as, develop a sense and feel for the instrument. How hard or soft you glide the bow across the strings will determine the sounds that you reproduce. Learning techniques on how to use the bow more delicately or more fiercely (depending on the situation) is just one of the things you might expect to learn in your cello lessons.

The cello is mostly used in classical styles of music and rarely found in rock or popular music, however, you must remember the fundamentals that you learn in any music course can be applied to all instruments. No matter which style you learn, you can always choose to apply it in your own creative way and perhaps develop your own style. In fact, we encourage you to practice with us and then master your instrument any way you want. After all, if everyone played the same way, there would be no such people as Mozart, Beethoven or Prince for that matter. Yes, Prince. Did you know that Prince is one of the most versatile pop musicians of our time? A master of music, he can play just about any instrument and sings with perfect pitch. Imagine if he can do that, imagine what you can do. All it takes is a passion for music and one lesson to get you on your way. Start with cello lessons and go from there, you never know where it will take you and the truth is, if you can master the cello, you can easily master any other instrument. Start learning the cello, contact us today.

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